Ebook: A Passage to Fiji

A Passage to Fiji

Insights into our first sailing experience as crew

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Travel Story and Photos

Would you sail across an ocean on a yacht ? 

I was dreaming about it but I was afraid to take the leap. If you are too, this story is for you.

In my 10 years of travel, I have always been guided by things I had never seen or did before. Sailing was a complete unknown world to me. A world which seemed exciting but risky at the same time as I didn’t have any knowledge neither of navigation nor of the ocean.
JB and I were living in New Caledonia for a year. What a better place to live this kind of experience? But how can we make the sailing adventure come true? Was a pressing question in my head.

We were granted the incredible opportunity to be the crew members on a catamaran called ‘Songlines', travelling from New Caledonia to Fiji. A 5 day trip, on a sailboat, own by John and Leanne.

How to find an opportunity as crew member on a sailboat?
How is life onboard?
Will you be required to have sailing basics?

You might be asking yourself all these questions, just as we did. This is why, with the help of some awesome people, we have taken the time to put our passage down on paper, with my thoughts and JB’s photos, we are giving you tips to prepare and be prepared for your own sailing adventure!

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Julie & JB


"Loved reading this e-book. The story captivated me quickly with its ease writing and it’s so smooth reading it. Not to mention the stunning photos within, that really helped me “travel” to Fiji as well… Great job, Julie and JB! Can’t wait for the next book. Wish you lots of travels and unforgettable moments."


"A sinchrodestiny where all suit: the right people ,the right time and places ...<br/r> Guided by the ocean voice, this book will inspire you to pack and go in search of adventures in the most stunning sailing to Fiji... the pictures are so beautiful & tips are awesome."